These female short hairstyle can also be sexy, simple and fashionable !

If you want to cut your hair short without exposing your ears, of course you need your temples! Only cover the ears with the hair of the sideburns, otherwise where to put the ears? And if you want short hair without ears, you can’t be too short, at least it is the length of the wave head. The hair on the temples has a great effect, and it must be talented.

You can also cut a hairstyle of this natural style, with half of your ears covered on both sides. Girls with a strong sense of fashion can just wear a beautiful earrings, and the natural hair color is also very beautiful, if it is dyed with milk tea Brown, it is extremely beautiful! Only medium, long and short hair can completely cover the ears. If you cut ultra-short hair, the ears must leak out. Otherwise, there is no way to arrange this part of hair. Which hairstyle do you like?

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