32 Chic boho style bathroom decor ideas to get inspired

If you like everything Boho, gypsy and Moroccan, design your home boho. It’s versatile: you can integrate all kinds of touches, go to many different color schemes, and get a very relaxed and somewhat mysterious vibe. Today I’m going to show you how to harness Boho in the bathroom to create the ultimate relaxation oasis, so let’s get started with 32 chic boho style bathroom decor ideas and inspiration!

30 Fabulous Halloween Decorations DIY outdoor and indoor ideas 2022

Halloween decoration DIY Indoor and outdoor ideas aren’t just about carving pumpkins, hanging fake cobwebs, or hanging orange lights on railings—though these are all classic ideas! If you’re looking for the spookiest entrance in your neighborhood this year or friends and family are throwing a makeup party, here are some creative, creepy DIY Halloween decorations that will surprise your guests and trick-or-treaters.

38 Inspiring patio lights string ideas for any backyard

Patio lights string ideas and summer are like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re looking to liven up your outdoor space on the cheap and make the most of the hanging patio this season, you can’t go wrong with a string (or two) of lights. Not sure where to start? The 38 spaces below will show you how to install string lights with style this season.

33 Cool Boho bedroom decorating inspiration for Summer 2022

If you want to design and decorate fun and unique room, you might want to consider a boho bedroom decorating inspiration seriously. And If you wish to call it bohemian or boho, this chic style is full of different colors, patterns, textures, themes, and embellishments used to create an artistic aesthetic. From modern and sleek to rustic and retro, boho room decor can add character, character, and whimsical charm to a small space or main bedroom.

28 Simple and Modern Summer Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Summer is here, which means long days in the sun, warm nights entertaining guests, and summer picnics. No matter your summer vacation plans, switching up the décor in your kitchen is easy to embrace summer fun. Check out some of our favorite ways to add freshness to your summer kitchen decoration and liven up your home this season.