The secret life of Japanese geisha!

Mentioned Japan we can always think of a class of people They are like living artworks one by one Show the ultimate beauty of women to the world History of geisha Geisha has been a part of Japanese culture since 400 But there are still many Westerners who treat them with colored eyes Think they …

43 Unique styles of female butterfly tattoos

In summer, put on a butterfly tattoo on your shoulder. Put on a shoulder-lined dress to show your butterfly tattoo, which is fresh with a little sexy. Or you can also tattoo on your arms. When summer comes, put on short sleeves and your butterfly tattoo will show up. It is really beautiful. The small butterfly tattoo appears inadvertently, and it will be a little cute. Simple butterfly tattoos, colorful butterfly tattoos, or very cool butterfly tattoos, different butterfly tattoos can be very sexy, with other styles when sexy, have your own personality. The fresh butterfly tattoo is really beautiful!