30 Trendy woman super short haircut ideas in 2020

2020 girls’ essential short hair collection! French collarbone hair with the same length and age will have a better effect on modifying the face shape. It requires little facial features and has a lazy and romantic feeling. It is also suitable for round face. Here we’ve collected more than 30 short hairstyle design ideas for stylish women.

Girls always have to cut their short hair once before they know whether it is suitable for you. Which of the three types of short hair is suitable for you, S-type wavy hair, overturned short hair or button short hair?

Elegant and smooth short ears, very fresh and natural hairstyle, using short bangs to create a girl’s sports series, very suitable for girls who like simple.

The short hair style with inner buckle designed for perm makes the hair crisscross clear, the plumpness of the pendant is very clear, the inner buckle is not obvious, and the hair is fresh and old.

Unparalleled fashion shoulder-length wavy hair and S-volume bobo short hair create a retro system and outline the classic trend.

The slim-looking bangs with fluffy inner curls and short hair look very sensible and feminine, and then dyed with a brown hair color, which can add a sense of fashion and temperament to the shape.

The combination of sweet air bangs and short hair with temperament highlights the pure and lovely girl. The natural black hair color also looks simple and fresh, and the hair tail is slightly curled and lazy.

The short hair on the tip of the ear is just a little bit below the ear, which can reveal the delicate chin. It can not only wrap the cheek, but also modify the face shape, making the face shape smaller. It is also suitable for girls with square faces, soften the rhombus horn on the face.

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