Curling short pixie haircut 2020 : How to curl sexy short hairstyle

If you just chopped your hair or are considering a trendy short hairstyle, then this is the post for you! I go through periods of growing my hair out, I’ll play with extensions every now and then, but then I get bored and end up missing my short hair!

Is your naturally curly hair a blessing or a curse? It seems like no one is happy with their natural hair. Those with short curly hairstyles want long straight hair while those with naturally poker straight hair dream of wavy locks. Girls with straight hair waste so much money, time and effort trying to achieve that soft and natural look that’s featured in magazines, but they rarely, if ever, achieve the same results.We have compiled a list of hairstyles for curly hair, including some short, curly hairstyles, that are both fashionable and easy to maintain, as well as some tips on how to style curly hair.

If you are looking for short hairstyles for round faces. Or, if you want to opt for a short style for your curly locks, most women with wavy hair prefer cute pixie cuts and sleek short bobs. Both of these have options for layering, is beneficial for curly hair.

However, the thicker your hair, the less layers should be added, unless you are opting for cute short curly hairstyles. Loose, large curls and waves look great with short styles. They can create the sexy and sassy “bedhead” effect with bouncy curls or messy waves. If you want to be bold, add some color accents to your short, trendy locks. You can add wispy strands of color throughout, add a bold color to a “chunk” of your hair, or add some color to your bangs. We advise to leave the fancy coloring jobs to the professionals. But some funky colors can really add life to your curls!

Rather than straightening your hair for long layered haircuts, try vintage curls. Vintage curls are all the rage right now. Celebrities are rocking the roaring twenties look. This look works best on those with natural waves and curls as it adds texture and volume to a shorter hairstyle. If you want to keep the vintage look, leave out the highlights and opt for a solid, but sexy shade.

Embrace your inner punk rock chick with twisted curly locks. Adding some multi-colored streaks throughout your hair can make you look and feel like a rock star. Keep the back short and add some colorful threats throughout using texturizing products to keep your spiral curls in place.

A classy pixie cut with pointy ends and elongated top locks will give you an edgy, trendy vibe. If you want to make your hair look even fuller, add a subtle ombre. To style, simply angle your hairdryer and lift up each lock for maximum volume. Then apply some wax to define the texture. Your locks should fall gracefully off your face to one side in a side part for a seductive look.

For those with elongated faces, this style works best and shows little to no volume at the crown and features horizontal lines to accentuate your face. This fun, easy going style is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who want a low maintenance but stylish cut.

Wet, Sexy and Breezy, these sexy curls only obey the wind. These racy locks can brighten up your look and give you an added sense of confidence.

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