Nails Art

Natural Green nails ideas is the luxury with connotation for March nails!

When it comes to spring and summer, I like green nail art inexplicably, but because the green color is actually quite different from the skin color, the legendary one is not white, so many girls are discouraged from green nail art, which is wrong, there are really not too many beautiful green nail salons. I have always been a green monster. Why are there not many green nail salons in my collection? Today, Nicole will come to AMWAY super beautiful green manicure.

The color combination of orange and green jump color contrast nail art is very special. Golden and white flowers decorate Green nail surface, reducing the feeling of dark green and fresh orange, which is very unique, if you want to show your hands Super White, first judge whether you are yellow skin or white skin. If you want to make white skin, you will not make mistakes. If you want yellow skin, you must pay attention to refusing to apply Green on a large area, so that you will not show your hands black.

Green and transparent nail art, decorated with one of the hottest nail art in the past two years golden decoration, gold & Small decorations, super fairy, want to look white, choose the dark color, especially the green to black color, super White, but Green can still be seen in the sun

Green and White are especially hipster, and the color is very gentle. Whether it is Plaid or polka dot, it is very cute, fashionable, and not outdated! Although it is a matte style with different green, it all uses the pastoral style, and the overall look is also very interesting. The mixture of white colors and the combination of round pearls, the light green color that makes my hands look white is also very beautiful and white.

I think the color of green and blue is the best match for White in spring and summer. Grass Green reminds people of spring at once, while blue makes the color more balanced. What is the reason for not choosing this color matching? And it is very simple to apply it at home, even if you are a hand-disabled party, there is no pressure at all.

Green Gradient green gradient??? No, no, no, take a closer look? Green marble like this is really rare. Most of our marbles are brown and red at ordinary times, but have you never seen such a feeling?

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