24 Best glitter ombre nails design ideas that are trending

The trend for glitter-colored nails is here to stay. Glitter ombre nails are suitable for any season and are one of the best styles for DIY designs at home. A professional manicurist can easily do it if you want a more luxurious dark-toned style. While this gradient style is beautiful on its own, the sparkle in these glitter ombre nails designs takes this gradient style to a whole new level.

30+ Adorable blue coffin nails for Winter nail colors 2021

If you want to add some color to your nail art, consider these stunning blue coffin nails designs. Blue can be serene and vibrant, sweet and fashionable, and can create infinite different looks. When you decide to use blue as the primary color of your nail design, you are opening up an incredible number of possibilities for yourself. Having colored nails will turn your nail cuticle into a fun and fashionable accessory, which you can use as you wish. Ble coffin nails with snowflakes or glitters are so awesome for Winter nail design.