Galaxy nails | The Prettiest Instagram Trend of the Year

For thousands of years, this metallic color with Galaxy nails has always represented wealth, luxury and wisdom. From the daze to the pages of “Vogue” magazine, this color is still a trend. Galaxy nails color are suitable for any season or event; you can shake up this art and feel like a royal family member. Whether you like jewelry, stars, or a linguistic craze, we’ve gathered some dream inspirations for you. If it’s time to change your regular nail art, check out these trendy gold nail art designs. Thanks to this sparkling nail art, chasing the stars just got easier. Despite its simplicity, this nail art is sure to grab attention for one simple reason. To replicate this design, you can apply neutral or soft pink nail polish on your nails – you can choose the length of your nails according to your preferences. Then, gently paste the gold star sticker on your nails – you can stick it where you want, you can attach more or less. Finally, blend it by applying shapes on a single number to make it a characteristic nail. The choices are endless, but effortless elegance is timeless.

Glitter coffin nails designs and ideas for your summer nails

Glitter coffin nails designs come back. How to Make coffin nails? Glitter coffin nails designs are now becoming the hottest acrylic nail art trend, but they will disappear soon. This hairstyle needs long nails, so both sides can be filed flat, and the top will be balanced. Coffin nail is also called “coffin ballet dancer nail.”These glitter coffin nails are guaranteed to make any pin look great, so we all like coffin ballet dancer nails suitable for any occasion. Fortunately, if your nails are not very long, you can use the ballerina’s acrylic nails for this great manicure, so it’s time to look for inspiration!

42 Acrylic Glitter coffin nails designs for Summer 2021!

Acrylic glitter coffin nails are popular on any occasion this Summer 2021. And glitter powder has a universal taste and brightness. If you are a novice, then glitter coffin nail design is the best choice for you to look great. The glitter powder can apply to the hair, face, and nails. If you plan to do these manicures yourself, you need some special tools. To clean the base color (to protect your nails), apply your favorite base color, glitter, or powder (if you like texture glitter). You need to use a small brush to clean around the nails and then apply a layer of the surface layer.