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Valentine’s Day | Romantic Valentine’s Day nails acrylic with heart nails design art

Is there any better time to bust out that bold heart nail polish than on February 14th,the romantic Valentine’s Day? After all, the color has long been associated with Valentine’s Day in the form of heart-shaped boxes of the best Valentine’s Day chocolates and floral bouquets (BTW, make sure you check out the meaning of different rose colors before you order your flowers). But if you’re looking for some ideas to take your standard manicure to the next level, we have a couple of nail art ideas that will do the trick. With adventurous shapes, sugary hearts — and that classic pink, red and white nail polish color palette — these nail designs will have you feeling the love in no time.

Valentine’s Day is all about love—it doesn’t matter if you’re single and loving your fresh nail art or celebrating with your person. Here, heart-inspired nail art ideas to wear on February 14, or any time you feel like spreading a little love.

You can use it for Valentine’s Day nail art. The color is classic year-round, of course, but with love in the air and hearts serving as the main symbol of the mushiest day of the year, red has become all but the official color of Valentine’s Day and, thus, a solid choice for celebrating via manicure.

We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest Valentine’s Day manicure ideas out there to inspire you to wear your heart on your nails. Keep scrolling to fall in love with some adorable nail art.

Although red or pink nails may be predictable on Valentine’s Day, nail artist Nikoleta Szalak used some unexpected combinations to create a super-cute manicure. She used Indigo Nails’ Mineral Base in Natural for the pale, matte pink nails, and the same brand’s gel polish in the shade Fireman for the glossy red nails, as well as the adorable little hearts at the cuticles.

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