2020 Fashionable Female Tattoo Designs Behind The Ear

When it comes to small female tattoos, many people’s impression may be that the tattoos are on hands, back or ankles. But sometimes, the back of the ear is also a very sexy part, hidden and low-key. This summer, what leads fashion is the delicate tattoo behind the ear, which will become the most beautiful embellishment of your ears. A delicate little tattoo on the back of the ear is very sexy, which is looming and can’t be hidden.

The tattoo behind the ear only needs a few wisps of hair to hide it. Once the hair is tied up, it will appear completely, which is suitable for girls who don’t want to reveal too many tattoos. Besides, tattoos will also have a sense of mystery under the cover of hair. If you put on your shoulder-exposed clothes in the coming summer, only a few delicate small earrings and a casual haircut are enough to make you full of charm.

The allure of flowers

In the figure of female tattoo, the figure of flower occupies a large part. Because flowers basically represent commendatory meanings, many words made up of flowers are beautiful. Flowers always express beauty and beauty, so they are deeply loved and chosen by female tattoo lovers.

All kinds of flowers have different beautiful flower language. You can also choose the types of flowers according to your love or memorable things. The flower patterns in the plant system are also the patterns that many girls like. They have light ink color and are very light and elegant. A small bunch of roots and stamens are described on the ears in a shallow way, not as bright as traditional tattoos, but very poetic.

Universality of butterfly and moon

Many girls will choose butterflies as tattoos, which are also hot patterns. Butterflies fly up and down behind the ears, embellished among the hair, as if they were staying in the flowers, with artistic conception. The moon is considered to have femininity and is a symbol of peace and rebirth. The tattoo of the moon also has a good expressive force behind the ear. A small curved moon is embellished behind the ear, which is innovative and not exaggerated. Very attractive to others.

Small and delicate tattoo

Minimalist tattoos behind the ear are cute, beautiful and compact. Because the area behind the ear is small, and many people tattoo behind the ear to hide, so the tattoo behind the ear is mostly simple and small, such as English words, animals, stars, lucky symbols and so on.

Some people will use the outline shape of the ear to add more changes and pondering to the tattoo behind the ear, such as people and animals hiding behind the ear.

Rare tattoos on ear bones

Ear bone tattoo is really too sexy and interesting, really exciting! And because there is a curve outline in the ear bone, it is natural and witty whether it is a long strip or an ear buckle.
Some people like to show their tattoos, while others like to hide their tattoos. However, if the small pattern is patterned on the ear bone, the whole person will be very delicate and elegant. Ear bone tattoos are rare and catch others’ eyes at the same time.

“Preventive measures” for tattoos behind ears

Because the skin behind the ear is thin, it will hurt more than other parts when tattooing. Therfore girls who are especially afraid of pain should think over and over again. Of course, if you want to be beautiful and are very afraid of pain, tattoo is also a great choice. And it is also a pleasure to change some new patterns frequently.

Because of the hairline behind the ears, the place is small and the skin is thin. So it will not be as convenient as tattoos in other parts, and you need to find a good tattoo artist. The pattern can be selected and determined according to your preferences, but it is not recommended to be too complicated. If it is relatively large, the design extending to the neck or face can also be considered.

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