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Chic Matte Short Square Nails For Summer, elegant and show your confidence

Matte is a texture that does not reflect light under the light. Matte nails have always been the nail style of fire, and many girls will choose them. Matte nail polish is nail polish without adding any flash powder or flashes. The short square nails made of matte have almost no glossiness, and the nail surface will give people the advanced texture of frosted foggy surface.

Matte nail polish is suitable for girls to use in daily life or at work. It is not very high-profile, but also can give some bright spots to fingertips. Moreover, matte short square nails can also visually make your hands slender and improve the beauty of nails. Don’t you come to have a try?

Charming burgundy red

Burgundy wine red (English: Burgundy) is a kind of red, which is named because it is similar to the color of red wine produced in Burgundy, France. The elegant and atmospheric color of burgundy red is most suitable for spring and summer now, especially for some important occasions.

If you embellish some metal decorations on your nails, you will feel more advanced. This kind of matte nail polish with a sense of wine red is sexy and elegant, and the effect of matte can also make red more low-key and intellectual.Crimson nails can help you improve your temperament and aura. If you want to attend a cocktail party or a formal occasion, then this one will be a good choice for you.

Make you more lovely nails

Matte short square nails have various styles and forms, but lovely nails are very popular. And. Lovely manicure must be a classic hot style. No matter what season or age it is, it is very suitable, especially for lovely girls.

You can draw some cartoon patterns or some cute designs on your nails, and make your whole body cute by making your nails cute. For example, fresh colors, delicate embellishments and small patterns can all make your nails more glorious.

Low-key and simple design of matte nails

All kinds of cold-tone nail polish, with low-key matte texture, add a unique temperament. I believe there must be a lot of girls who like solid-color fingernails. It is true that solid-color fingernails are low-key and elegant, and also match with many nail styles.

Solid-color nails are also very suitable for girls with short nails. You can also choose the color of nail polish that suits you. Moreover, it is not limited to solid color nails, like wavy dots or plaid lines, which are very fashionable and low-key short square nails.

Hand-painted nail ideas

Hand-painted nails can be regarded as lively and lovely nails. The fresh painting style will make your fingertips full of vitality! Simple frosted flower manicure, matching with solid color manicure, looks very elegant and fashionable. Such clean manicure is very suitable for the concise atmosphere in summer.

Drawing some lovely patterns on the nail surface of short square nails will make the manicure more interesting. Compared with other styles of manicures, this kind of painted manicure will make you have a better experience. Let you see your fingertips in summer and have an excellent mood.

Short square nails with special features

Girls who don’t like nude low-key nails can also use contrast color matching. The visual impact of contrast color and matching increases a lot at once. Adding a unique pattern to the monotonous short square nails also makes it naughty and lovely, and it can also show white hands.

The nails introduced here are all nails with some unique features. Some of them have unique patterns on their nails, and some of them have strange decorations. They are all very innovative and can provide inspiration for your design, it can also help you become more eye-catching in summer.

short square nails for beauty

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