23 Cute Halloween face and Halloween makeup ideas for beginners

With the pandemic still under way, a lot of things look different right now, and you can add Halloween to that list. The CDC is advising against traditional trick-or-treating, crowded costume parties, and basically anything that you’d associate with Halloween, calling these activities “higher risk” for contracting and spreading COVID-19. But you don’t have to let that spoil all of your fun. You can still dress up — for a virtual party, or one with your roommates, or for Instagram. And since most Zoom calls happen from the waist up, doing a full face of Halloween makeup — like a vampire, or a dog, or even Bert and Ernie — saves you the trouble of putting on a whole costume.

But you shouldn’t just put anything on your face. Using the wrong products, like lower-priced makeup or even literal paint, can cause irritation and dryness that, depending on your skin type, could take a while to clear up. Here we have choosed 23 types of Halloween makeup ideas for you.

This Halloween, I’m going all in with this Dua Lipa makeup tutorial, which perfectly nails the singer’s sculpted brows, sparkly eyeshadow, and, obvs, signature hairstyle. Catch me rolling up to the Halloween party blasting “Don’t Start Now.” Like, Dua, is that you?

You didn’t think that was our only Euphoria makeup idea, right? An equally cute option, this makeup tutorial inspired by Euphoria’s Maddy is so pretty you’ll want to wear it year-round. I mean, is there anything cooler than holographic eyeshadow and rhinestone decals? Def not.

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