50 Fabulous flower tattoo design in right tattoo placement ideas for woman

Plain flower is a very popular tattoo theme, which attracts a large number of “fans” no matter from its design style or its hidden beautiful meaning “. Today, the editor will recommend a beautiful pattern of flower tattoo for everyone in many optional tattoo placement!

Plain flower tattoo takes fresh black and gray as the carrier, bringing people a kind of elegant and pure feeling. Sometimes adding some thorns brings a very special feeling to people.

1. Rose Tattoo

Rose language in ancient Greek mythology, which combines love and beauty, is not only the embodiment of beauty, but also dissolved into the blood of love. Even simple and elegant black and gray tattoos can’t stop that lover’s heart.

2. Poppy tattoo

Simple and elegant poppy is beautiful and enchanting, which has great temptation to people. Therefore, people who choose Poppy tattoo all hope to use it to remind themselves to have self-control when facing temptation

3. Pasonia suffruticosa tattoo

The peony is blooming and gorgeous, and its beautiful flower posture makes people fall in love with it. The black and gray peony stabbed on the arm is not inferior at all, with a calm and elegant feeling.

4. Lotus tattoo

Lotus is a gentleman in flowers, which symbolizes an ideal personality in Chinese traditional culture: “It is not dyed when it comes out of mud, but clean but not evil”.

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