43 Unique styles of female butterfly tattoos

In summer, put on a butterfly tattoo on your shoulder. Put on a shoulder-lined dress to show your butterfly tattoo, which is fresh with a little sexy. Or you can also tattoo on your arms. When summer comes, put on short sleeves and your butterfly tattoo will show up. It is really beautiful.

The small butterfly tattoo appears inadvertently, and it will be a little cute. Simple butterfly tattoos, colorful butterfly tattoos, or very cool butterfly tattoos, different butterfly tattoos can be very sexy. The fresh butterfly tattoo is really beautiful!

Dark black butterfly tattoo

Dark black butterfly tattoo is a very classic style, and it will feel particularly cool. Although its color is a little bit simple, mainly dark color system, dark black is very classic, it will be more stable and mysterious. The dark black butterfly tattoo gives the lovely butterfly a new feeling. And it makes the lovely butterfly mysterious and more distinctive.

Colorful butterfly tattoo

The colors of butterflies in nature are various. Butterfly tattoos are not only limited to classic colors, but also can have many colors. The colors are superimposed together, and the gradient butterfly tattoo and the solid color butterfly tattoo are more consistent with the butterflies in nature and more vivid. The gradient butterfly will also have a special dreamy feeling.

Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

When butterflies and flowers are matched together, they will feel more and very natural. The butterfly tattoos stopping on the flowers and dancing in the flowers are all very beautiful. Or the flowers have color, while the butterflies are dark. The visual effects formed between them will be more special, a bright color in the dark, very eye-catching. Such butterfly tattoos are a little sexy in freshness.

Leaves and butterfly tattoos

Leaves and butterflies will have a natural feeling. The leaves are like those blown down by the wind, and those falling in the air will look very dynamic. Leaves can decorate butterflies, and the butterfly tattoos set off are more special and have more dynamic beauty. More vivid.

Tattoo of half butterfly and half flower

Butterflies and flowers are combined together. Half of the butterflies and half of the flowers can be dark or colorful. Colorful flowers will have a sense of impact visually. The Butterfly Tattoo with half of the butterflies and half of the flowers will be full of artistry and more flexible. Butterfly tattoos are like butterflies hidden in the flowers, which are looming and hazy with mysterious and dreamy feelings.

Butterfly tattoo with a sense of design

This kind of butterfly tattoo outlines the shape of the butterfly through lines, which is very simple and atmospheric. Or add other patterns to form a more special effect with butterflies.

Glittering butterfly tattoo

The Butterfly and some star decorations make The Butterfly Tattoo look brighter, more lovely and special.

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