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50 Best acrylic pink coffin nails design ideas to try 2021!

Pink and blue , pink and green , pink and white coffin nails design

Are you looking for nail designs more unique and elegant? If so, it might be perfect for you. There are long coffin nails here. They all have a bare bottom and a white V-head. There are also two accent nails inlaid with rhinestones. Wear this design on special occasions.

If you like the French ombre ideas we shared earlier, you need to look at these nails. As you can see, some coffin nails are bare, and the tips of the nails are white. There is also a silver flash. The rest of the nails are soft French tones. Pink coffin nail mixed with other nail colors is a beautiful nail design, you can try this look, or if you like, you can use a straight head with sequins.

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