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52 short flower nails design you can not resist this summer, pretty and alluring!

The blooming flowers are beautiful and elegant! And I believe many beautiful girls like them. So today, I will bring some flower nails design for short nails . Drawing manicures like this with me, you can use your fingertips to compare with flowers. And it is not inferior at all. Let’s take a look at it right now!

Nail painting steps diagram required items : acrylic pigment, nail art exercise book, small pen count, transparent water cup.

How to draw flower nails? Specific steps:

I. Five-petal flower five-petal flower can be divided into 7 steps. And the key point lies in the drawing of petals which is that the pen is light . And the heavy pen is pressed and then the pen is pulled lightly. After finishing the first stroke, we use the same method to draw the outline of the other side of the petals on the right side. Fill it completely, and draw other four-petal petals, two leaves, stamens and rattan.

2. Rose we draw a pattern similar to C- shape according to the method of light writing, heavy pressure and light writing. After drawing the first stroke, we draw the other 5 petals in the same way to make them form the buds of roses. Finally, don’t forget to draw leaves and rattan ~

Third, the first stroke of plum blossom is to slightly press it to form a pattern similar to the moon. Then we gently pull it inward with the nib and pull out the flocking lines one by one. Other petal practices are similar. After painting the petal, adding stamens and leaves is completed.

Hand-painted flower manicure:

A kind of refreshing Lady’s flower manicure, which draws white petals with a Collusion pen . And it is painted with light flash powder glue,too. Then the flower nails has a refreshing lady feeling.

Lace petal manicure:

a hand-painted lace petal manicure, it has white armor glue .Drawing white petals on the dark blue base manicure. Next stroke the edge, it becomes the lace flower with clear cowboy style.

Cute daisies manicure:

A Japanese small flower manicure. First using white glue to draw petals, yellow glue to draw flower hearts. And then using black glue to draw filaments, it becomes a cute daisies.

Small floral manicure:

a kind of elegant and gentle floral manicure. After brushing with lavender nail glue, you should draw five small petals of flowers with white nail glue. And next draw the leaves and stems. The effect is more elegant.

Hand-painted short flower nails :

a kind of manicure with soft colors. Draw the black outline of the flower with a hook pen . Next fill in various colors. And then you will have a light color lady style.

Hand-painted flower-touching manicure:

a hand-painted flower manicure. Use white colored-painted glue to paint flowers in the blue plastic manicure. After sketching the outline, you will have a stacked Ocean style. Come and learn!

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