21 Stunning eyeshadow makeup tutorial step by step for beginers!

Lev Tolstoy once said: good-looking people are all similar, but ugly people have their own characteristics.

When I don’t know how to make up, facing up to the sky without eye shadow. I often feel the cruelty of the world through the indifference of male classmates.

When I wanted to learn makeup, my heart collapsed seeing the eye shadow plate below. It seems that each plate of eye shadow is different, just like the feeling of uncertain spare tire mind in the early stage of ambiguity.

I even don’t know how to choose eyeshadow plate or how to draw my eyes. However,when knowing that eye shadow is an essential part of eye makeup, my feeling is very complicated. Finally I decided to give up or deal with it casually, just like facing a relationship destined to break up. If you feel the same, luckily you meet me today,haha. And I will introduce you how to do eyeshadow makeup step by step !

How to select eyeshadow color ?

There are so many colors in the eye shadow plate, which seem to dazzle people. In fact, there are only five categories: base color, highlight color, eyeliner color, transition color and eye socket color.

Base color:

Generally the base color is matte one, and the lightest color in the eye shadow plate. The function is to make the eyelids dry, in order to make the follow-up eye shadow more color, if it is dry skin or the Foundation liquid on the eyelids has been even over the skin color, this color can be omitted.

Brightening color:

the brightest sequin color in the eye shadow plate is used in a small area to brighten the center of the eyeballs and the head of the eyeballs. It can also be used as a lying silkworm to make the eye makeup more three-dimensional. The sequins have the function of swelling, and the swollen eyelids should be used with caution, especially above the eyelids, which will make the eyes more swollen.

Eyeliner color:

the darkest color in the eye shadow plate, which is painted close to the root of eyelashes, can make eyes deeper, eliminate eye edema, prolong eyeliner, enlarge the effect of eyes (a bit like the indication of writing Medicine).

Transition color:

the color weight is between the eyeliner color and the brightening color, which can make the transition of the dark color more natural.

It is too necessary to draw eye shadow, just like wearing underwear every day when going out. Isn’t it big enough not to wear it? The same is true for the principle of eye shadow. And it’s not difficult to draw your eyes.

First of all, we should understand the characteristics of our own eyes and the proportion of eyes in the facial features, and adjust the eye shape by combining eye shadow and eyeliner.

For example, my eyes are round and the distance between eyes is appropriate, but my face is wide, so when I draw eye shadow, I focus on lengthening the head and tail of eyes to make the eyes look longer.

See you next time!

Next time, we’ll introduce more tips for how to draw your eyeshadow and eyeliner. So my pretty girls, do you obtain the color choice skill ?

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