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59 Hottest Gel coffin nails design to rock your Summer 2020

The characteristic of gel coffin nails is its gel texture. Use gel to paint your nails, make your nails become transparent, and have a particularly clear feeling. The gel itself has no color, and its transparent texture can prevent anything embedded in it from being blocked, which can show the purest appearance. It is very good to have gel coffin nails in summer, and gel coffin nails are also very easy to match clothes. Moreover, the appearance of gel coffin nails will be very advanced and cool.

The clear feeling of gel coffin nails will make people happy. Clean gel coffin nails always make people happy. The combination of gel coffin nails and shining flashes makes your gel coffin nails perfect and suitable for summer.

Simple gel coffin nails

These simple gel coffin nails usually use a single color. Although it is not amazing enough, it will be very clean, simple and aesthetic. Coupled with the effect of gel, gel coffin nails will show a sense of glossiness. Other gel coffin nails will be painted with another color in one color to highlight the part, which is more special.

Gel coffin nails and sequins

Gel coffin nails the transparent texture of the gel is not suitable for the flash. Shining is inlaid in the fingernails, shining in the light, and also like the stars in the night, shining and pleasing to the eye. Summer is suitable for such sparkling things, and nails are no exception. Shining nails make you shine in summer.

Gradient gel coffin nails

Not only the color of gel coffin nails can be gradient, but also a gradient can be formed between its flash and color. Transition from color to flash, and then apply a layer of gel on the outermost surface. It makes the originally characteristic gel coffin nails more distinctive.

Colorful gel coffin nails

The colors of gel coffin nails are varied. After you finish coloring your nails and apply a layer of gel, your nails will become shiny and light up immediately. Add some accessories to embellish your gel coffin nails.

Mist-shrouded gel coffin nails

This kind of gel coffin nails will draw a few lovely clouds, or abstract clouds, or create a cloud-mist-filled look, which will make you feel like the sky. The transparent texture of gel coffin nails makes the clouds in it seem to be contained in the crystal. The mist-filled gel coffin nails have fantastic colors.

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