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Chic Natural Short Square Nails Design For Summer Nails 2020

Every girl loves beauty, and beauty is not only reflected in dress and makeup. A beautiful girl, even her hands are attractive. Beautiful short square nails are a very good choice, which can make your hands more brilliant. The advantage of short square nail is that it is not that very long nail and will not interfere with your daily actions. And short square nails are also very good-looking. Short square nails have various styles and colors, and can be added with various decorations.

There are various styles of short square nails, and different girls can choose different styles suitable for themselves. In different occasions and seasons, when you meet different people, you will always use different styles of short square nails. Having different short square nails in different occasions can make you a different scenery。

Short square nails with plants

Short square nails with plants have a kind of vitality and a feeling that makes people feel in nature personally. For example, if you draw flowers on your fingernails or some simple leaves, do you feel that you have brought the nature to your body? These short square nails are not painted with beautiful plants on all nails, maybe on two or three nails, or just one nail. While the rest of the nails are painted with simple colors, which can highlight the key points more.

Short square nails with relatively simple style

Simple short square nails are the styles that look relatively simple, such as some simple monochrome nails. Such short square nails may not be so amazing, but they look very fresh and clean. Of course, simple colors can also be not simple painting. Such as contrast color. The collision of two to three colors can make your nails more dazzling.

Very cute short square nails

Lovely short square nails will make you look very cute. Draw some love, spots, or other patterns on the nails. They will make you look sweeter.

Short square nails with a sense of design

This kind of short square nail looks very special. He can draw various shapes through various lines, and then draw different colors to show special amorous feelings on a nail. Such short square nails are like painting on your nails, full of artistic sense. You can also add some beautiful thin flashes, which will make your nails more dazzling.

Short square nails with fine flash

Short square nails with fine flashes are so shiny. When you go to a party, your nails can shine in the light. The fine light is like a star, isn’t it very beautiful. Under the irradiation of light, the light flashes.

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