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Hottest Short almond nails full of design sense suitable for creation in summer 2020

Short almond nail is a very beautiful nail style. If you like short almond nail but haven’t tried it yet, you can really make a short almond nail. It is very beautiful. The fingertips of short almond nails are of that pointed shape, which will look more special and gorgeous. And short almond nails can also make your nails look longer and more beautiful. Short almond nails can also be used as an expression of showing personality.

There are also many styles in short almond nails, and different colors and patterns can form various beautiful nails. Add some eye-catching decorations on the short almond nails, paint some different colors, and even draw some peculiar patterns to make your nails feel different from usual, is that interesting?

Creative short almond nails

Short almond nails can be very creative. You can add more fun to your nails by drawing various interesting patterns on your nails or drawing some lovely pictures you like. Drawing different colors on different nails can also achieve a color contrast effect, which will make your nails more powerful and give people a bright effect.

Shiny short almond nails with fine flash

Glittering short almond nails will make you look gorgeous, add some feminine taste and add special amorous feelings. Such short almond nails with a slight flash will appear to shine under the light. In some dancing occasions, your nails will look so beautiful in the light, just like stars in the dark night, so exciting and dazzling.

Short almond nails with a sense of design

Short almond nails with a sense of design can form some special and interesting patterns through some simple lines. It can also be made into a gradual change of color, a natural transition between two different colors, or a change of shape on the basis of a gradual change of color, which makes your nails look full of fun.

Short almond nails with broken diamonds

Putting some broken diamonds on short almond nails will make your nails look more noble and make you look more elegant. Putting a bigger diamond on a short almond nail or some small diamonds on several nails is very beautiful and a good choice. Broken diamonds can play a good role in decoration, just like the finishing touch, which can make your nails more prominent. Even simple colors can show different colors under the embellishment of broken diamonds.

Short almond nails pervaded with the breath of summer

Summer is coming soon, which can make your short almond nails full of summer flavor. Draw one or two fresh flowers on the short almond nails and fill them in different colors to make your nails look like real flowers. Take Summer with you, you are the most charming girl in this summer.

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