Makeup |Local use of highlight and conture retro nude makeup makes facial features more stereoscopic

Clean nude skin, no matter which season, can set off the trend again. In this quarter’s show, nude skin makes the outline more prominent and attractive through partial nude superposition techniques.

1.Nude skin can make the face look flat, which is especially difficult for Easterners to control. However, using highlights and shadows locally can reverse the effect. Apply camel-colored blush from the outer profile of the face to the inner profile, just like wrapping the cheekbones. Use highlight to brighten the skin color at the C area of the canthus. The face becomes stereoscopic and can feel the transparency of nude skin.

2. People with big faces are especially difficult to control nude skin, but they can use nude brown blush to smear it from the outside of the face to the inside, just like gently wrapping it, this makes the round and wide face look small. The upper half of the face, starting from the hairline, shadow the inside of the face. The upper half of the face starts from the chin and shadows up, just like lifting the face tightly.

3. There is a very simple way to increase stereoscopic impression on clean nude skin. Apply nude beige color on the eyelids, and your eyes will become deep immediately. If the eyeball is wider than the average person, it is easy for the eyes to look swollen when wearing eye makeup. At this time, from the corner of the eye, first paint very dark, and then apply the color to the end of the eye, the range is as wide as possible. On the contrary, if you have narrow eyeballs, you should first paint them very dark from the end of your eyes, and then apply them to the corners of your eyes, which will make your facial features look more stereoscopic.

4. Add a little pink, red or orange to the nude skin, which will make the skin look less clean. Therefore, the color selection range of blush becomes relatively narrow. The bright white blush with a little coral red light can improve the three-dimensional sense of facial features of nude skin. When laughing, gently apply a little blush to the protruding part of the cheek, and the faintly color is very clean. Because the color used is very bright, it will appear that the front of cheekbones is more prominent and the facial features are more stereoscopic.

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