Nails Art

Pink nails | Acrylic short square nails design with pink nails color this summer 2020

Pink nails are definitely the rock star of the many nail colors, and if you’re struggling with not knowing which color to choose for your next nail design, then pink nails are definitely worth considering. Pink is used in almost all popular and mainstream nail types, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, ombre nails, coffin nails, etc. And short pink nails with square nails shape are notable for their performance this summer 2020.

Although when people are looking at and collecting nail design ideas, they always praise some of the more intricate and gorgeous nail designs more. But, you found out? Most people will still opt for a minimalist design at the end, and many times, it might just be a unique color or some popular hand-painted pattern placed on the nail.

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