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Short nail shapes | 40 Best pastel nail art work with square nail and short almond nails!

For girls who like nail art work, it is the happiest thing to change a beautiful and exquisite nail art work. So in early summer, what kind of nail art work should I choose to change? The following are some super gentle gradient color manicure shared by Anna. After reading it, I can’t help but want to change it. And in these coming warm summer, short nail shape is a good choice for us no matter short square nails or short almond nails, fruit nail art or easy plaid nail, rainbown nail color or pastel nail color. Let’s check it.

It’s really good to make such a gradient manicure in early summer! Super gentle color,pastel nail, with a sense of fairy, greyish purple, very low-key and attractive color, there are some gold foil paper fragments on the nails, flashing under the light, very dazzling and graceful.

A very gentle gradient manicure, each nail has a gradient of flesh colored, and then decorated two small diamond casually. The left and right fingers are different, and small diamond will look more crystal clear, however, small pearl will be more elegant. If you don’t like too fancy colors, then choose this one, which is very good!

Rose nail color is a classical nail color ideas for short nail shape.

I really like this kind of gradient nail art. How can the gentle tone make people unmoved? After the gradient treatment, the top is decorated with small pearlescent fragments, shining and shining. It’s too sunny. In the face of such a beautiful and low-key gradient manicure, don’t you get it?

It is very suitable for the gradual color manicure, pink color and gradual treatment of the working group and the student party, which instantly breaks the monotony and dullness. The middle finger and the little finger are decorated with pearlescent fragments, which are very charming, and against such a gentle color, the skin color of both hands is super white.

Such a white and gentle gradient manicure, I think any girl can’t help but feel excited after reading it! Red nail art is the whitest color, but if you are tired of nail art with a single color, it is better to try this gradient nail art, dry rose gradient, with rhinestone ornament, it’s really stylish and beautiful, but the salt is sweet, and the little fairy himself is changed ~

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