Try these trendy short hairstyle design, Meet a better self

Hairstyle is very important for a person’s image. Hairstyle is the basis, followed by collocation and makeup; If you cut a hairstyle that looks good and suits your face, it will not only add points to your appearance, it will also appear that the face is very small, and it also has the effects of reducing age and showing temperament. In the past few years, many girls prefer to have medium and long hair or long hair. However, short hair has gradually become popular recently. The fashion trend is a historical cycle.

1. Air cushion with short hair

This air cushion perm short hair, which was very popular in 2020, has been replaced by many online celebrity girls. The main function of air cushion perm is to make the flat hair fluffy and the two sides of cheeks tighten a little naturally, it can make the big face look small and the small face look delicate. It has a good effect of age reduction and looks fashionable. It can show a sense of laziness that can’t wake up when you pull it casually. It is also very convenient to take care of it in daily life.

2. French small roll short perm

This is a very mature women’s French small roll short perm. The texture bangs on the forehead can well cover the wrinkles on moms’ foreheads. And then match them with the French curly short hair on the back of the head, which can naturally add virtuous temperament to moms. With the beautiful mocha hair color, it looks more white and beautiful.

3. Ultra short girl’s short hair

Who said that short hair is not a woman anymore? In fact, short hair can also be sexy and attractive. For example, this short girl’s short hair is the most popular and aging one in this spring, which can interpret the cute and sweet little girls’ temperament as elves against the shape of short and pretty short hair, and it can be flirting with girls as well as Han. The whole hair looks light and full of texture, which is so beautiful.

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