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Various styles of French pink coffin nails of the pink series in the summer of 2020

Pink is a color that looks particularly sweet. And pink represents romance, just like a sweet fantasy and expectation for the future. Pink implies romance in the heart, can also show loveliness, and is also the representative of elegance and nobility.

In this summer, let your coffin nails wear lovely pink to show your elegance and nobility. The shape of Coffin nails not only has personality, but also can modify the length of nails to make your nails longer. Choose a beautiful French pink coffin nails to make your summer sweeter and better.

The shape of French pink coffin nails looks special and interesting, and the pink appearance is full of sweetness and loveliness, yet elegant and noble. Different French pink coffin nails also have different advantages. Like some simple French pink coffin nails, it will look fresh and clean. But French pink coffin nails are not only some simple styles, but also various other accessories. You can give full play to your imagination and design and design your French pink coffin nails.

Pink and pink French pink coffin nails

The color of French pink coffin nails can be a simple pink color, and it can also be a superposition of different degrees of pink. Simple pink will make your nails look cleaner. It can also make pink form a color gradient effect on nails, and different pink makes nails special. You can also apply a circle on the edge of the nail, which is more creative.

French pink coffin nails blending pink and white

French pink coffin nails with simple pink and white are very nice. This kind of fingernails take pink as the main body, and add white on the fingertips to make white form some special shapes. This kind of fingernails look fresh in color and interesting in pattern.

Pink with other colors of the impact of French pink coffin nails

Pink plus other colors will form a color contrast effect. These colors can also be painted into different patterns, which look innovative. Or every nail is pink and different colors, like a rainbow, your nails will be more special.

French pink coffin nails with gradient effect

The transition from pink to white gradually makes the originally monotonous pink special. Such nails look like crystals, with a crystal clear sense of glossiness. You can also add some fine flashes to your nails to make them look brighter. And gradient nails can make your nails cleaner.

French pink coffin nails with broken diamonds

Add some broken diamonds to your French pink coffin nails to make simple pink nails no longer simple. The sunshine in summer will make your nails shining, and the shining nails match the summer perfectly. Simple French pink coffin nails are clean and elegant. With broken diamonds, your nails will become more noble and show different temperament.

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