33 Best short pixie haircut design with bangs 2021!

The shorter the hair is, the cooler it is. Many stars like short hair very much. But now I bring the short hair styles of several popular female stars, which can be used as a reference for hairstyles, let’s take a look at their short pixie hair style with bangs!

This capable and handsome short hair style shows the temperament of a city girl and is full of momentum. This hairstyle is very suitable for white-collar workers in the city. It is capable and handsome and sexy, making you have unlimited charm when you go to work and work.

Simple mushroom-shaped haircut short hair, cute elf, quiet and clever, and highlights the temperament of artistic girls. Girls who take the route fresh literature and art can’t miss it. Simple and lovely mushroom-shaped haircut, maybe you are the next Nan Sheng girl.

Nifty movements, messy short hair is very handsome, and the fashionable hair color highlights the personality of girls. Nowadays, there are not so few girls with handsome boys, so you may as well try this personalized short hair.

Fashionable Burgundy short hair, cool Smart and feminine. The thick bangs well modify Rong Zuer’s face shape, which makes the square face become smaller instantly and the facial features become more three-dimensional.

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