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Nail design | Beautiful trendy French nails design for natural short square nails 2020

short French nails refers to using monochrome nail polish to clearly and accurately draw a side line with perfect radian in the front part of nature, and the width and arc of one hand’s side line are required to maintain visual consistency. French manicure is popular among customers, especially white-collar women, because of its simple and refreshing appearance. It is one of the commonly used techniques for making make-up finger (toe) nail.

Its style of neither showing off nor embellishing makes it popular all over the world and becomes a universal manicure language all over the world. On the basis of French manicure, a variety of fancy French manicure styles are gradually derived.

The most primitive and simple style of French manicure is like this. Only the simplest white nail polish, transparent nail polish and some glitter are selected as embellishments to highlight the original appearance of French manicure, not too monotonous. Even short nail MM is very easy to shape, so there is no need to worry about too complicated steps and difficult nursing.

No matter how old a woman is, there is always a young girl living in her heart, and these two kinds of French manicures are designed for you. Lace, bowknot, plaid, pink and other elements are full of sweet beauty of young girls, giving people the feeling of cute.

For girls who is keen on fashion, has personality and pursues uniqueness, the beauty editor specially recommends this type of contrast color stitching French manicure to you. Colors of different colors and styles collide with each other. They are colorful, especially bold and unconventional. They generate super-strong visual effects, which are unforgettable at first sight and deeply fascinated by you.

When the gentle elegance style meets French manicure, it is actually more suitable than you think! The nail on the left is matched with green, nude and silver, giving people a very comfortable and quiet feeling. The nail on the right is bottomed in a natural and transparent color, and then the shape of the heart of the peach and the triangle is described in detail by using a white nail polish, which is very suitable and elegant but not monotonous.

Girls who are not in a good mood should like these two French manicures with cute cartoon style very much. The theme of the first manicure is cartoon characters, accompanied by Moming and faceless man, one black and one white, very cute. The second manicure has fashionable girls, stripes and letters, bright colors and full marks for visual effects.

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