Summer hair color for brunette to get inspired for any hair length!

When you’re debating a hair change, your first instinct may be to ignore the classic ideas of brown hair color in favor of platinum blonde or red fireman, but you really should give another chance to Summer hair color ideas for brunette. Thanks to those who decided that blondes have more fun – believe one, we do not – brown hair usually receives the label of “boring,” which could not be further from the truth. Brown is one of the most eye-new shades there are. Depending on the tone, it can be read as classic, nervous or mysterious. It’s flattering in all skin tones. Also, with limited access to the salon shortly, there’s no better time to embrace your roots if you’re a natural brunette.

There are also more options than ever if you want to move on to the dark side. This season’s top tone is enlivening its brown with a bit of warmth, whether in caramel swirls or almost red tones. “We’ve infused brunettes with dimensions ranging from honey tones, chestnut, peanut butter taupes, and tawny tones,” says Mark DeBolt, co-owner and coloring master of Mark Ryan Salon of New York. “The warmth in hair color reflects more light, which makes your hair look brighter and healthier.”


Although different hair is undoubtedly having a moment this summer, you can never go wrong with a classic long curly hair with brunette. If you’re want to try this at home, remember that it’s best to leave that shade to the pros as it can quickly turn orange if it’s done poorly. Ask your stylist for a medium brown with cold tones and use a green shampoo to avoid any shade of red.


The straight hair looks incredibly racy and elegant, and the straight hair combined with the brunette is more refined. We all know that. But many of us are not aware of its structure, the science behind consecutive wicks. Also called Type 1, this type of hair consists of round fibers that drop it evenly from all sides of a person’s scalp.

Medium Summer hair color ideas for brunette

This is an attractive option for the brunette to match the medium hair who wants to change color without getting much lighter but still wants a cocktail. Please think of how a beautiful piece of hairy wood furniture features brown spirals and how dimensional it looks. To mirror this, ask your stylist for a rich, dark base with undulating reflections of light gray and lighter brown tones. A shiny finish will give your hair the same hairy effect.

Summer hair color ideas for the brunette with highlight

“A lot of ’90s trends are coming back, and that includes voluminous highlights,” says Katie Cartwright, colorist at L.A.’s Nine Zero One salon, however, if it was the thick stripes of her youth. Instead, the look is now more about some daring pieces of the face frame to accentuate her features. Although technically, this style works with any shade, it’s perfect if you want to add a little sparkle to your brown. “This trend works best for those who like to be very light around the face without having to deal with maintaining being light everywhere,” she says. “Ask your stylist for an exaggerated pop piece with some sprinkled babylights or balayage.

Short brunette hairstyle

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