Short almond-shaped nail designs for Summer acrylic nail shape 2021!

Short Almond-shaped nails often have new, special savor female place is partial. This woman values quality and hates everything old-fashioned or out of date. Essentially, the almond-shaped nail is similar to that of a stiletto nail but softer and more rounded—classic appearance, but with a futuristic feel. The short almond nail is a great short nail shape for nail artwork for Summer nails. Besides, Acrylic short almond nail has good nail texture to have a try!

People have noticed that almond-shaped nails make the hands look more feminine and slender. Due to the length of this shape, a woman can use countless nail designs to match this shape and her taste. Whether your nails are natural or artificial, we have prepared some fresh and elegant almond-shaped nail designs for you. It’s time to be creative!

Đ¡lassic nail design: almond Vs stiletto nails

Almond-shaped nails and stilettos: how to distinguish? When talking about almond-shaped nails and stiletto nails, the first thing we think of is that compared with the more feminine, softer, rounder, and usually shorter almond-shaped nails, thin The tips of high heels nails are slender and sharper.

Besides, almond-shaped clothes are more durable. The short pointed nails made of almond acrylic are more robust than the long pointy nails of stiletto heels.

Short almond-shaped nail designs with different nail textures!

For those who like to cut short almond-shaped nails, we want these sparkling nail art ideas. They do not need any professional skills. To achieve these beautiful nail designs, you should add some sparkling chic to your nails. Let your imagination run wild!

Any almond nail design looks great with it. There are many attractive rhinestones and rivets, whether you like to keep short almond nails or enjoy long almond nails.

If you like to keep your almond nails long, the choice of nail art is much more extensive for you. Why not add some complicated geometric patterns and a little color to your nails? If you don’t want to be too bright, soft tones are the best choice. A short almond nail is a stylish and cute choice.

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