20 Best curtain bangs for any hair length and hair type 2021

What are best curtain bangs? “Curtain bangs” is a kind of bangs covering both sides of the face. These kinds of bangs cut short inside and grow longer outside. Usually, curtain bangs are separated in the middle. And there are varied bangs for any hair length and hair type. Should you leave bangs? It depends on your face shape and your goal. The bangs cover the prominent forehead perfectly, which is very suitable for displaying beautiful cheekbones. If properly trimmed, it can always highlight your best features

19 Flattering Long hair curtain bangs hairstyle to wear 2021!

Different from other types of bangs, long hair curtain bangs are split bangs that rub the cheekbones. Curtain bangs are one of the most versatile types of hair bangs you can try. Like curtain bangs with layers, wispy curtain bangs, curly curtain bangs. Meanwhile, curtain bang hair are suitble for any face type now matter you have round face or oval face. Today, we’ve collected 19 flatterring curtain bangs for long hair to try 2021!