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2020 Trendy gel coffin nails design this Summer, elegant and beautiful

Summer is right here and many cities are allowed to hang out . With many days beening home, Girls can not waiting making their nails. And there is no doubt that gel coffin nails has become one of the most popular nails in summer 2020. Besides, many types about gel coffin nails you can choose. Such as nude gel coffin nails, gel coffin with rhenistones, butterfly gel coffin nails,etc. Here I’ve collected more than 40 trendy gel coffin nails for you.

Shiny gel coffin nails with rhenistones

Rhenistones or we call diamond is a good accessory to add on our nails. It’s shiny light can be gorgeous under the light and sun. If you wanna join party or wedding, you can try this gel coffin nails with rhenistons.

Nude gel coffin nails design

Simplicity is beauty. And Nude nails color alwas make one looks elegant and pretty. morover, Nude gel coffin nails can be matched with matte eyeshadow. It’s suitable for any occasion you wanna go.

Gel french coffin nails

French nail is always on the top list of nails fashion for many girls. Pink and white color are often mixed together , which gives one elegant impression.

Bright color for gel coffin nails

Bright color is a good choice for summer nails. When seeing yellow or pink bright colors, I feel so happy and it seems my life is full of hope and passion.

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