Nails Art

55 Pretty acrylic short square nails design to welcome your Chistmas Day!

Nude Pink gives people a warm and sweet feeling. It looks gentle and graceful. What can I do to save you and my girlish heart! The sweet pink manicure must not be missed. The nude color mainly looks fresh and elegant, and the light pink with a little gold embellishment full screen girlish style seems to overflow.

Brown dark color is also suitable for winter smear. Compared with white and green, coffee color will also bring people visual warmth. Of course, it can also be matched with light coffee color, Brown and other intervals, in this way, it seems that even the dull tone will have a little vitality.

Rhinestone nail beauty, delicate but not exaggerated. The red nail surface can make Diamond ornament release a more natural luster, and the light of diamonds adds highlights to the red nail surface, this kind of complementary match is really very beautiful ~ and this style is also very versatile. It is very beautiful to match some pure color manicure or blooming nail!

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