Nails Art

55 Pretty acrylic short square nails design to welcome your Chistmas Day!

Three must things for contemporary girls for Chistmas Day: Perm, manicure, eyelash extension. I don’t know if you have any. Some of you have to reflect on yourself. Why are you so beautiful that you still keep up with the trend of the times? Well, manicure is beloved of all little fairies. All kinds of beautiful colors and styles are dazzling, but just one word: beautiful! I have to make a reason to make a perm and manicure without any reason, it is estimated that the fairies have no money like this. It is winter now, and the New Year is coming soon. The appointment of nail salon must be full.

girls who want to do nails should choose the style quickly. So what are the suitable nail art for winter? Let’s take stock of some winter manicure with koorrfacee.

This manicure is very beautiful. First of all, it uses cold colors and gradient style, which makes people feel very comfortable, from dark blue to light blue, and then to light blue, it gradually becomes the final flesh color, and the change of color layer by layer is not very abrupt, but makes people feel very comfortable. The pattern of this manicure is also very delicate. It uses several kinds of flowers with different density to pave this manicure. There are some large snowflakes with thick skeleton and small ones, which are slender and beautiful. When combined together, such a manicure with very good visual effect is formed.

The pink manicure for girls is favored by little fairies. In winter, making a pink manicure becomes much more gentle. The color is pink and tender. It looks warm and not good. People like it very much, and the skin of the hands is white and delicate.

Wine red nail art is a nail color regardless of season and age. If you want a simple and generous style, you can add some diamonds, metal and shell fragments, etc. If you want hipster style, it is OK to use pearls to decorate, or jump on two other nude colors, which is a very simple and versatile style. This is a relatively versatile color, which can make your hands look more white if it is made into a solid color.

It will be very warm to see the fire in winter, so putting this fire on your fingers will be a warm red manicure. Matching golden diamond in the debris warm uniform tone also brings a touch of passion in winter, white and tender fingers, red manicure, black down jacket, simple but not simple, warm and calm.

I think black can not only match various colors but also do manicure independently. For example, black is the background color, with cool metal rivets and other ornament and light diamond, it is especially suitable for those cool and personalized girls. The combination of black and gold will make the whole hand look white, making the whole person look relatively low-key, elegant and fashionable. Black manicure is also a classic color that never goes out of fashion.

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