Do you know these cute female tattoo pattern & tattoo placement?

Every hot summer,
I believe that as long as everyone walks on the road,
Seeing the cool tattoo on others,
I can’t help seeing more.
Indeed, now in people’s eyes,
Tattoo is no longer linked to “bad,
And became a niche culture
It has also become a way for people to express their personality.

The sternum tattoo of a girl is also the so-called “breast tattoo”,
The tattoo along the breast,
And the scope is not limited to a small part.
There is no doubt about the sexy tattoo in this position.
The essence of sternal tattoo lies in arc,
The boundary between breast and tattoo often makes people wonder.
Visually, sternum tattoo also has the feeling of lining up the chest,
So the chest shape looks very three-dimensional.
The arc under the chest is the most perfect curve of the human body,
How to decorate it has become an eternal topic for human beings.
Until the tattoo artist combined the tattoo with it.

Then where is the tattoo most suitable for showing figure in summer?
Thigh root tattoo is the most suitable
Behind the thigh, below the hip,
The pattern is a beautiful pattern, just showing a part from the shorts and skirts,
Absolutely sexy and eye-catching!

In fact, the ankle position is not easy to be noticed,
It doesn’t seem to be very important,
But in ancient times, feet were the most private part of girls,
Even when a man sees his feet, he will marry him,
Now, although girls’ feet are not so private,
But it also has some special meaning.
Especially the ankle that is not easy to notice after the pattern is applied,
It suddenly became dazzling.

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