Makeup | Blue eyeshadow & blue eyeliner–Easily creates sexy and charming eye makeup

The sky is as blue as the sea and the water is as green as the lake. In the hot summer, the most charming and sexy face should be displayed, and the blue-green eye shadow should be deeply light and dizzy around the eyes, interwoven with the misty and deep sexy smoke. Through the fine pearlescent particle changes, the eyes will give off mysterious and sexy fashionable charm when revealing the blue and green luster, which is the most dazzling makeup color this season.

The texture of the eye shadow in the new season is softer, and of course it can perfectly fit the skin and emphasize the charm of eyes. In addition, the luster of eye makeup continues to bloom, women also yearn for the eyes that discharge constantly like natural Winks. Therefore, it is more necessary to feel smooth like velvet and light like feathers, so as to make it more lasting and add comfort, let your eyes Bloom infinitely sexy!

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