Hair dye ideas for brunettes and best hair color ideas this Summer

Summer is here, looking for hair dye colors and hair color ideas to try this season? How about light brown hair with highlights looks softer than whole-colored brown. Or something lighter like blonde, ombre blonde with highlights? There are many shades of blonde, it can be cool blonde , golden bronze blonde, blonde balayage babylights, warm blonde. We quite like dirty blonde with subtle highlights – lift your blonde with subtle sunkissed highlights, this looks will add summer vibes.

Nails Art

21 Trendy summer nails ideas–hot acrylic blue coffin nails design

Summer is too hot, we need some colors to cooldown. Blue color is on the top list for that. Therefore, blue coffin nails has been the trendy nails design for many girls in Summer, fashionable and cool. We have found some stylish blue coffin acrylic nails on Instagram. There are lots of different nail shapes available but we chose coffin nails today because they are easy to wear, you can have long nails without the sharp points and it is one of the most popular shapes too.


Try these trendy short hairstyle design, Meet a better self

Hairstyle is very important for a person’s image. Hairstyle is the basis, followed by collocation and makeup; If you cut a hairstyle that looks good and suits your face, it will not only add points to your appearance, it will also appear that the face is very small, and it also has the effects of reducing age and showing temperament. In the past few years, many girls prefer to have medium and long hair or long hair. However, short hair has gradually become popular recently. The fashion trend is a historical cycle.


Appreciation and analysis of 100 best photographic works in the 2019 World photography forum

      As a media partner of the World Photography Forum, in order to build a bridge between photographers and works, we choose 100 works in the first 32 weeks of this year from various portal websites. Please enjoy them. ▲Cameraperson:Anup Gandhe   ▲Cameraperson:Mehmet Tufan ▲Cameraperson:Rajat Malhotra ▲Cameraperson:Sandeep Gupta ▲Cameraperson:Shirin Karan ▲Cameraperson:Stephen Root ▲Cameraperson:Subhendu …