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65+ Colored acrylic coffin nails for Summer and Fall 2021!

Colored acrylic coffin nails are popular in summer and Early Fall 2021. What is a coffin nail? Since people began to do nail polish, there are mainly been two shapes: round and square. We can provide different styles of coffin nails. And nail art fans, we finally have something new. Coffin nails, sometimes called ballerina-shaped nails, are a new trend in nail art. They bend almost to the tip, where they are squared to create visual interest and edges.

If you are tired of the formal shapes of ordinary round nails and square nails, coffin nails are a great shape between the two and the best trend this year. Let’s get you the nail’s inspiration from these AMAZING coffin acrylic nail artists around the world.

1. Blue glitter coffin nails

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Instagram inspires these elegant coffin acrylic nails. And there are varied coffin nail types to choose from, such as French tip coffin nails, glitter coffin nails, abstract coffin nails, swirl coffin nails, pink coffin nails, blue coffin nails, etc.

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